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The Capricorn Dilemma

So, there’s this Capricorn that I ‘thought’ liked me.  Our vibe together was exceptionally organic so I decided to execute a plan for what I thought would be a romantic but casual, ‘no pressure’, gesture to take things to the next level from friends to…well you know the next step.  Everything seemed well received, but I did not get the response I expected.  In fact, I did not receive much of a response at all.  My thoughts ran rampant with what I could have done differently to achieve a different outcome.  Eventually I grew frustrated and left, covered in shame from my failed attempt at starting a romance.  I’ve traveled and worked and dated since then, so I guess we can say I moved on…Until I ran into said Capricorn at an event to which I hear the words, “What’s up? I thought we had a great time and you don’t hit me up?”  I was 3 Manhattans in so my response was one part dick, two parts asshole, but basically ended in me cutting myself off for confessing too much.  I never want to let anyone know they pissed me off because I believe that makes them believe they’ve got some sort of power over me.  Well I received an excuse that went something like ‘work’, ‘tired’, ‘blah’ followed by an apology and a request for a do-over.  Now I can’t help but wonder:  Do I brush it off, chalk it up as a momentary miscommunication and grant the request for a do-over?  Or do I say, “Sorry, you had your chance”, select-all + delete and keep it moving!? 


Beyoncé SLAYS inauguration day!  

If you are not watching Happy Endings, Get YOUR life!  This scene was everything to me!  

(via huffposttv)

Tamar Braxton sings Love and War for the first time live on Wendy Williams 

Emeli Sandé wow’s the X Factor (UK) finale with her song ‘Clown’.  

The vulnerability demonstrated in this song incomparable.  It’s one of my favorites from Our Version Of Events and I am so moved by seeing her perform it live.  *chills*

Tamar Braxton sings her FACE off on Love and War (on iTunes TODAY)

Mariah Carey gets FESTIVE with All I Want For Christmas Is You (Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Dem Kids Remix) 

My girl Melanie Fiona now has a video for “Change The Record" featuring B.O.B. from one of the greatest R&B albums of the year The MF Life 

The video is fun!  I love her style.  This song would have made a summer SMASH!  I am just happy it’s released.  

A teaser of Beyoncé's upcoming HBO Documentary has been released.  

I’m psyched that it will feature clips from her show at Revel.  I just hope there is an actual concert DVD as well.  

Mariah Carey opens Christmas in Rockefeller Center with the holiday classic All I Want For Christmas Is You

Serving us in true FESTIVE fashion.  She looks like a tree-top ornament!  She’s a Christmas Angel.  It wasn’t Christmas for me until I saw this.  

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